Saying Thanks and Beyond

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After witnessing beautiful and unexpected acts of kindness from others during the last days of his wife’s life, Ralph Mosgrove decided to explore and write about the variety of ways in which gratitude can be expressed. He sought to find ways of going beyond simply saying “thank you” when someone extends a helping hand or otherwise touches one’s heart through acts of compassion, generosity, and patience. In his debut book, Saying Thanks and Beyond, Mosgrove shares the results of his quest in order to help his audience begin their journey of showing gratitude in new and thoughtful ways. He offers simple suggestions, like telling others just how much they are cherished and giving free books to a neighbor’s children, as a means of giving back what was once given by them. He also encourages writing notes to express sincere gratitude for a kind act. Mosgrove speaks of the close relationship that exists between kindness, goodness, and gentleness and reminds his readers that these are not innate qualities, but ones that are learned and exhibited with intent and purpose. He goes on to say that “Goodness is a quality that is endowed by the supernatural. God, Himself, gives it to us. We have the choice to use or lose it.” The author also goes to great lengths to emphasize the beauty of reciprocity. “Gratitude begets gratitude,” he says. What one gives, one will receive in some form later down the road. He encourages us all to lead by example, especially when it comes to saying more than just “thank you.”

Mosgrove speaks candidly about the loss of his lifelong companion and beloved wife, Elsie, and the impact it had on his life in this book of essays. “I was there, ready to open the door, but the other person wanted to do something for a disabled person and freely gave of himself or herself on our behalf. It was not required and certainly unexpected, but we often commented on the courtesy.” It was from these and similar acts that Saying Thanks and Beyond was born. He shares words of wisdom and truth and provides readers with insights to consider in order to help them go further than just saying simply “thank you.” He creatively trickles sentiments of faith into his text, adding an extra element of strength and appeal to his work. His book is more a collection of ideas, suggestions, challenges, and illustrations than it is a story. It’s organized loosely and, at times, is slightly difficult to follow. Some of the transitions are rough and the use of first, second, and third person point of view is inconsistent and intermingled, making clarity and flow less than cohesive. Mosgrove’s essays are all relatively short and can be quickly read, and despite the aforementioned shortcomings, his overall message is positive and one well worth taking to heart. The world might be a brighter place and one in which less suffering exists if the expression of gratitude became more complete and prevalent in everyday life.

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Author Ralph Mosgrove
Star Count 3.5/5
Format eBook
Page Count 58 pages
Publisher ArchwayPublishing
Publish Date 2017-03-30
ISBN 9781480843520
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Issue May 2019
Category Religion


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