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Murders are on the rise, almost like clockwork. Those being murdered are young women, all with their left eyeball removed and replaced with an eye-shaped emerald. If Officer Sorin and his nephew can’t solve this case, it doesn’t look good for the public safety of women at all. Set in the United Kingdom, the SCDX (a top secret police organization) is working on the case of a murderer; after the first incident, Officer Sorin enlists the help of his nephew, Dr. Kenneth Sorin, to offer his unique perspective on the case. Kenneth had made a career change from scientist to a fictional horror novelist, so what better person to ask for help with his books than someone who imagines these situations on a daily basis? Throughout the investigation, Kenneth is plagued with headaches and strange happenings; the call and continued communication from the decade-long deceased Catherine was the final straw to really make him wonder, “Did I commit the murders?!” Since he had previous encounters with some of the victims, plus the ability to switch his mindset from author to character, and the almost identical real-life murders as those in his unreleased novel, one might seriously wonder.

Dr. Johan Fundin, a man with experience in writing on subjects about psychology, medicine, mystery, and science fiction from his previous novels, did Schizoid justice. With mental illness becoming more prevalent in our society, Schizoid has presented this personality disorder in a respectful and informative manner for the public to become more familiar with. Just like other mental illnesses, there could likely be many more “schizoid” people around us than we know. While reading the book, I would have told you that your guess is as good as mine as to who-done-it; it’s a page-turner that keeps you going until the end, when you think you know the final answer. The reader becomes sure of themselves, and then Kenneth throws a curveball at you and you find out the real answer. Mathematics, science, and history are all weaved into the story, making it somewhat confusing for the lay-reader, but know that if you take the author at their word it will fall into an elaborate and systematic story. Schizoid is unique in the genre of a murder-mystery, but it resembles the writing style of Dean Koontz. Besides the obvious subject of murder being portrayed, suspense, love, lust, revenge, and confusion are other prominent focal points. I would recommend this book to readers of, to name a few, Stephen King, Dean Koontz, James Patterson, and Lee Child, as well as those who just love a good murder-mystery!

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Author Johan Fundin
Star Count 5/5
Format eBook
Page Count 372 pages
Publisher Asioni Press
Publish Date 26-Nov-2019
ISBN 9781999981723
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Issue November 2019
Category Mystery, Crime & Thriller


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