Scourged Souls

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The time of the Civil War was devastating for everyone. Scourged Souls, is aptly named because of the turmoil and fear that fell upon the people across the United States during the time, between the parents, families, and the men themselves who chose bravely to fight for their respective side. In this real and honest portrayal of the Civil War, readers glimpse emotions and life-changing actions made both by soldiers and their families waiting back at home. Characters from both the North and South have prominent roles. Their backstories all prove to be similar in the fact that they portray patriotism to their respected sides and choose to fight for the cause that they hold dear. Throughout the story, the characters all become intertwined, even if only for a moment, but the one thing they continue to have in common is the war. Corman has presented a story for us to be able to get an idea of what war entails for everyone physically, mentally, and spiritually. While at times hard to read and think about, especially since the time of the Civil War is so much different from our own, it is necessary to have available and reviewed so that we won’t take our current time and situation for granted.

Corman’s story plays on all of our emotions. The reader is sure to feel pride for the young men who volunteer their lives for their country, love for the relationships among families and significant others, worry for when you start hearing not-so-great news in their letters to each other (even though we readers already know the outcome), and sorrow for when not everyone arrives home after playing their part in securing our country’s correct stance on human slavery. Scourged Souls is very well-written and easily understood as a fictional story, despite being a war story, which I’ve found tend to be dry and very factual. The length made it enjoyable to have as an option for a quick read. It was fun learning about the characters’ daily lives and their drive for their country. Corman introduces a freed slave that is able to earn his freedom from his master. This character was interesting to read about because his freed status made him more a rarity in the South at the time. Corman is a talented writer who should be on everyone’s lists, especially those who enjoy a good war story.

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Author Keith Niles Corman
Star Count 5/5
Format eBook
Page Count 126 pages
Publisher ReadersMagnet
Publish Date
ISBN 0978194998182
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Issue January 2020
Category Historical Fiction


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