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In Shout, a poetry memoir bursting in free verse, Laurie Halse Anderson shares the horrific truth and trauma of her rape. She invites her readers, comrades in the journey, deep into the often dark process, places, and the people that helped to bring her healing.

As a memoirist, storyteller, and poet, Anderson illustrates the magnitude of her talent in her passion for the brutal truth and the victims voices who have been silenced. She pours herself out through her words, cutting through the collateral damage of abuse, and emerges with triumphant spirit.

Her transparency walks us through her self-medicating, struggles in school, and her trip across the sea to Denmark. In these pages she seems to grab hold of some of the peace and rest her soul desperately needs and is able to release and recenter.

“I stopped thinking in English somewhen/in that winter/Danish filled my sleep and my waking, cascading/from my mouth like a strong river/victorious after destroying a dam.”

Her story pushes the door wide open for others, encouraging us that every word is a sword that spears the lies, and no matter how fractured the human spirit can become, there is power to be reclaimed.

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Author Laurie Halse Anderson
Star Count 4/5
Format Hard
Page Count 304 pages
Publisher Viking Books for Young Readers
Publish Date 12-Mar-2019
ISBN 9780670012107
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Issue July 2019
Category Young Adult


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