The Art of Reading: An Illustrated History of Books in Paint

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As long as the written word has been read and books have been printed, artists have been considering the role that books and reading play in our lives. In The Art of Reading, readers are taken on an illustrated journey through the ways that the written word has appeared in art, from 14th-century depictions of people studying religious texts, to contemporary illustrations of how books have remained a part of our modern lives. By looking beyond the mere presence of books in these works of art, we get a visual of “ordinary life” through the centuries—details that are frequently absent from ordinary history books.

As both a voracious reader and art lover, I enjoyed this book. The short essays in each chapter provide an excellent survey of art history, but for many who pick up this book, the primary attraction will be the pictures. Almost every page includes a full-color reproduction of a work of art, printed in stunning crispness and detail. The color, paper thickness, and page layout combine to make this a thoroughly delightful book.

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Author Jamie Camplin • Maria Ranauro
Star Count 5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 256 pages
Publisher Getty Publications
Publish Date 2018-Oct-02
ISBN 9781606065860
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Issue January 2019
Category Books About Books


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