The Consultant

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TJ O’Connor’s military and espionage thriller The Consultant tells the story of a rogue CIA consultant, Jonathan Hunter, who left the station in the Middle East to rush back to the US to help his brother, Kevin Mallory, from whom he was estranged for 20 years. When he arrives, he witnesses an attack on Kevin. He repels the attackers, but Kevin is mortally wounded. As he is dying, he manages to utter words to Jonathan. From Kevin, Jonathan learns that there is a terrorist cell in suburban Virginia that is hell-bent on destruction. As he plays cat-and-mouse with the terrorists, Jonathan learns of a vast conspiracy involving Russia and Iran that will bring America to its knees.

The Consultant is a fast-paced thriller with a taut plot. Character development is another strong suit in the novel. There are many characters, each with their own quirks and agendas, and the author does a wonderful job developing each one. As a result, the storyline feels like the reader is right in the middle of it all. The story is varied and unpredictable, but it all comes together nicely in a satisfying conclusion.

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Author Tj O'Connor
Star Count 4.5/5
Format Trade
Page Count 352 pages
Publisher Oceanview Publishing
Publish Date 2018-May-18
ISBN 9781608092833
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Issue June 2018
Category Mystery, Crime & Thriller


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