The Flooded Earth

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Annalie received the rare opportunity to attend an Admiralty boarding school, but she struggles to find her place with the other students. Everything changes when a questioner visits asking about where her father would go. Meanwhile, her brother Will barely escapes when their home is raided and soon learns their father has disappeared. Will is determined to find their father even at the risk of his life by stealing their boat back from the Admiralty. Annalie runs away from the school and refuses to return until she helps Will find their father. The twins set out on treacherous waters where they’ll encounter pirates, storms, and other dangers.

Mardi McConnochie sets up the twins in different places in their lives with Will feeling left out after his sister receives the scholarship and Annalie whose being bullied at school for her lower status. A bright spot in her time at school is through her friendship with Essie. The two bond over being outcasts as Essie is isolated due to her father being in jail. Essie joins the twins on this journey which allows for her to see the truth behind the Admiralty’s actions. Along their search, they find Pod, a boy who has lived with pirates and through slavery. Pod gets a second chance and allies he can trust. The four form a solidarity with each other which makes them stronger and gives them the bravery to stay ahead of the Admiralty. The journey is more than just a search for their father but an uncovering of secrets and the reveal of betrayal. McConnochie explores a variety of themes including refugees, climate change, slavery, and bullying. The Flooded Earth is the journey of two siblings as they brave open waters to find their father and encounter along the way a variety of dangers in this gritty cli-fi world of water.

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Author Mardi McConnochie
Star Count 5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 336 pages
Publisher Pajama Press
Publish Date 2018-Nov-16
ISBN 9781772780499
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Issue December 2018
Category Tweens

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  1. Dan bloom

    Loved it.

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