The Gunslinger Born

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It’s been some years since Marvel dazzled the world with comic issues of the graphic novel adaptation of Stephen King’s opus The Dark Tower, which was in fact overseen by the bestselling author himself. And now the publisher that releases King’s fantastic books to the world is reissuing the graphic novel series under the imprint Gallery 13 in beautiful hardcover editions.

The first collection, “Beginnings 1,” is The Gunslinger Born, which covers the story of the fourth book in King’s Dark Tower series, Wizard and Glass. In this tale we me Roland Deschain, a young teenager who challenges his teacher to become a gunslinger after discovering his mother in the arms of the menacing Man in Black. While he gains his revolvers, he does not get his revenge. Instead he is sent away with his two best friends, Cuthbert and Alain, to the town of Hambry to take stock of the horses, but also to see what’s going on with the oil fields and one evil dude by the name of John Farson. But while there, Roland is smitten by the beautiful Susan Delgado who is already promised to the mayor. As Roland falls deeper in love, his friends lose respect for him while they continue to explore the strange goings on in the town, not to mention their run-in with the infamous Coffin Hunters.

The entire volume is a work of art. The page design, the artwork, the sheer kaleidoscope of colors bring King’s original words to life in this beautiful adaptation. The ink work is clear, and the reader has no problem following the story and the flow of the panels. This first volume also represents a chronological view of the Dark Tower series, beginning with Roland Deschain’s early days when he first became a gunslinger and learned to master the guns and his power.

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Author Stephen King • Robin Furth • Peter David • Jae Lee, Illustrator • Richard Isanove, Illustrator
Star Count 4.5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 208 pages
Publisher Gallery 13
Publish Date 2018-09-28
ISBN 9781982108205
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Issue Mar-19
Category Sequential Art


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