The Lion Tracker’s Guide to Life

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The Lion Tracker’s Guide to Life is basically two books in one. On the one hand, it follows Varty and his friends and fellow trackers Alex and Renias into the South African bush as they track down a lion. It relates their journey, which is full of adventure and years of experience getting to know what the land can tell them. On another level, this is a book about helping the reader find or track their own path in life. As Varty shows throughout, life is about the call. But in order to hear that call, you must be listening. If you are looking but not seeing you may very well miss your path, and as a result, life might pass you by before you even notice.

Varty’s story and thoughts really resonated with me. This is definitely a well-written, not to mention well-presented, clever little gem of a book. The profound words and advice that Varty has in this slim volume might change your life if you are open and listening. So, stay alert, don’t miss what’s important, be that a lion in the bush or anything else you desire to experience.

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Author Boyd Varty
Star Count 5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 160 pages
Publisher Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Publish Date 2019-10-22
ISBN 9780358099772
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Issue January 2020
Category Self-Help


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