The Mildenhall Legacy

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The Mildenhall Legacy by Albert Sipes is a story full of crime, theft, romance, and complicated relationships. Told from the perspectives of a few different characters, the reader gets to watch the parallel plots unfold as every player watches their life change before their eyes.

To begin with, the reader is introduced to Alfred and Katie, a couple who live in a secluded Colorado area. Alfred and Katie operate as a sort of safe haven, often taking in family members and friends in need of a place to stay. In this instance, Alfred and Katie are asked to take in twenty-year-old Eve Chambers. Eve happens to be running away from boyfriend Gerald, a rich, inconsiderate, and immature partner. Gerald has been smothered his entire life by his parents, Lynn and Charles, who are wealthy, elitist, and determined to control their son’s destiny.

Over with what feels like a hopeless relationship, Eve hitchhikes her way to New Mexico, where she is picked up by trucker Jill Clayborne. Jill, a hardworking woman, is happy to take Eve under her wing. After much discussion, they both agree that Eve would make a great truck driver. Jill agrees to take Eve on as her trainee, that is, until Chris Summers, her high school boyfriend, makes a drastic, hasty decision to change both of their lives.

In addition to these characters, the reader is introduced to Trish, Eve’s best friend, and her partner Lester (as well as many others). If you haven’t gleaned as much already, the character list is very expansive, so the reader will need to keep careful track of who is who. I admittedly lost track myself, but Sipes has a helpful list at the front of this novel reminding individuals when each character was introduced. As a reader, I really appreciated his consideration and awareness of how these many moving stories could be confusing to keep apart.

Overall, I enjoyed reading The Mildenhall Legacy. I liked how Sipes was able to incorporate so many different themes and characters into one novel that made cohesive sense. However, as stated previously, a downside to this was the challenge of keeping track of plots and subplots. Readers really have to pay attention or it’s very easy to get confused. I think the parallel plot storyline was done well, but I do wish I had not had to keep turning to the beginning of the novel to be reminded who was who. However, I think readers who enjoy crime, theft, and an underlying romance would enjoy this novel, especially those within the thirty+ age group.

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Author Albert Sipes
Star Count /5
Format Trade
Page Count 250 pages
Publisher Xlibris US
Publish Date 23-Mar-2022
ISBN 9781669814931 Buy this Book
Issue March 2023
Category Historical Fiction