The Prisoner: The Uncertainty Machine

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The world of spycraft is one of secrets, double agents, misdirection, and lies. So special agent Breen is ready for anything; that is except The Village. A secret, idyllic locale, The Village is a paranoia-inducing prison where giving up your secrets is inevitable. Breen must find it, recover a fellow agent, and unravel its secrets. But how will this mission change Breen?

The Prisoner is one of television’s greatest mind-bending creations, a show that makes you question everything. Writing a new chapter in this beloved, challenging universe is an ambitious undertaking, so the creative team behind The Uncertainty Machine should be exceedingly proud because this graphic novel is a very worthy successor.

Immaculately recreating the tension and anxiety of the original, this novel also manages to add to the canon in exciting, unexpected ways, once again challenging the reader’s perceptions and what you think you know about the fictional setting and reality in general. Any time you feel like you’ve got a handle on the story, there’s a twist lurking around the corner, and it never feels unearned or gratuitous.

With deep, immersive artwork that sells the sinister undertones of both the world of spies and The Village, this is a wonderful, peculiar read that both fans of the original series and new readers will enjoy.

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Author Peter Milligan • Colin Lorimer, Illustrator
Star Count 4/5
Format Trade
Page Count 112 pages
Publisher Titan Comics
Publish Date 2018-11-13
ISBN 9781501196775
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Issue April 2019
Category Sequential Art


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