The Rest of Us Just Live Here

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A lot of adventure stories are about the “chosen one” falling in love and saving the world. In the background of those stories are the regular people trying to get through whatever everyday hardship they’re facing. Patrick Ness’s The Rest of Us Just Live Here follows the story of one of those people, Mikey Mitchell, as he nears graduation and the relationships he has with his friends and family begin to change. The world might be ending and something is definitely going wrong, but that’s for the “indie kids”—the chosen ones—to figure out. The adventure plot takes a backseat to the everyday dramas of Mikey, his sister Mel, and their friends Henna and Jared.

The Rest of Us Just Live Here is page-turning and heartfelt, championing friendship and emphasizing the importance of the everyday without sacrificing an engaging plot. Ness’s characters come alive. His characters who are gay or mentally ill are not defined by their sexuality or illness, and the way they interact feels authentic. In a genre full of romantic adventure stories, The Rest of Us Just Live Here is refreshing in its emphasis on the love between friends, the love within families, and the thrilling quest that simply living can be.

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Author Patrick Ness
Star Count 4/5
Format Trade
Page Count 336 pages
Publisher HarperTeen 
Publish Date 2015-Oct-06
ISBN 9780062403162
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Issue December 2015
Category Young Adult


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