The Unwanted: America, Auschwitz, and a Village Caught In Between

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The Holocaust is one of the defining moments of the mid-twentieth century, when a country decided to attempt to exterminate an entire group of people based on their religion, and in a way, define them as an unwanted ‘other’. Many books have been written about the Holocaust, most of them large and well-ranging studies; we are slowly starting to get more and more microhistory accounts, ones that look at a small group and how they often fit into the larger picture, and that is where this book fits in. Michael Dobbs follows the Jews of one small southwest German town as they react to events both near and far, starting with Kristallnacht, to the struggle to get visas to get to the United States, and the banality of bureaucracy. Mr. Dobbs takes a look at the many different agencies, government and private, that were involved if you wanted to escape and the way it often felt like luck that you made it out at all. By showing how one small village fits into a larger picture, it is a way for audiences to not only see the larger picture but what was happening at local levels as well.

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Author Michael Dobbs
Star Count 5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 368 pages
Publisher Knopf
Publish Date 2019-04-02
ISBN 9781524733193
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Issue January 2020
Category History


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