Things No One Will Tell Fat Girls

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Jes Baker reminds readers that they need not feel ashamed, bullied, embarrassed, or unworthy of living the full, happy life everyone deserves right now; Baker wants them to reclaim their self-love and personal happiness, whatever their size. It is a great message, and essential for anyone, of any size or gender, who feels like they don’t measure up, or who has trouble accepting and loving their own bodies for the way they are.

In her quest to shatter ‘fat people’ stereotypes, Ms. Baker falls into one herself — the ‘hypersexualized, sassy fat chick’. She swears, constantly, which is distracting, unprofessional, wearying, and completely unnecessary; and yells at her readers — like an always-on cheerleader — always in support and encouragement; but you feel, after finishing the book, like you’ve been bludgeoned about the head and shoulders by a well-meaning but exhausting BFF. However, Baker is inclusive and compassionate, non-judgmental and enthusiastic. The book is engaging and upbeat, briskly paced, informative and even inspiring, filled with personal struggles and triumphs interspersed with guest essays by alternate and marginalized voices. This is a helpful and even groundbreaking book for those trying to accept that each of our bodies is perfect just as it is.  

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Author Jes Baker
Star Count 3.5/5
Format Trade
Page Count 224 pages
Publisher Seal Press
Publish Date 2015-Oct-27
ISBN 9781580055826
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Issue November 2015
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