Time Tunnel: The Empire

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In the second chapter of the Time Tunnel series, Time Tunnel: The Empire, the story starts off at the end of the first book, Twin Towers. It is September 11, 2001, and Padma has just received a call from her beloved husband, Kyle. She is told that he will not be coming home from his act of heroism saving many lives on the hijacked flight towards New York City, American 11. Not too long after she comes to terms with what has just happened, a stranger enters her apartment. This stranger has very intriguing knowledge, most of which can prove very profitable for Padma in 2001, with his knowledge of activities that will happen in 2008. Working together, they become the world’s first trillionaires, and in so doing, become the face of America. Padma is now the head of a self-made empire, thanks to her Wall Street knowledge, as well as some unidentified insider knowledge.

With power comes jealousy; a racist and religious Texan senator wishes to overthrow Padma’s rule over the country; he allies himself with the right military people, and scares Padma and her partner back to the Time Tunnel to escape their imminent deaths if they were to stay in 21st century America. The time for their jump comes quicker than anticipated, and this lands them in 1890, among the Lakota Indian tribe in South Dakota. Quickly, Padma develops her own empire with these superstitious people as their Messiah. Similar to Twin Towers, where the objective was to prevent the catastrophe of 9/11 from happening, in this timeline, the partners must work together to thwart the original outcome of the Wounded Knee Massacre. Their own lives aren’t the only thing at risk, but also the lives of the Indian tribe they have come to care for while living among them.

Many of the same characters are present in this story as in the previous one, but here you will see them differently, as this story takes place in a second timeline. Relationships are tested in this story; the only way to know how you truly feel about someone is to throw them in a situation together for which they are totally unprepared. The reader is able to delve deeper into the feelings of the characters and grasp a better understanding for the motivation of their actions. As in Twin Towers, there is action galore, and The Empire includes another story from history that originally ended badly, but now occurs in a way we would have liked for it to have played out. The ending was a complete shock, with another phase in the Time Tunnel series coming at a later date.

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Author Richard Todd
Star Count 5/5
Format Trade
Page Count 384 pages
Publisher Time Tunnel Media
Publish Date 2019-08-21
ISBN 9781733193603
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Issue September 2019
Category Science Fiction & Fantasy


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