Tiny LEGO Wonders: Build 40 Surprisingly Realistic Mini-Models!

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If you love LEGOs, or have a LEGO-lover in your house, this book is for you! Master LEGO builders from around the world offer forty models for building miniature vehicles using your LEGO bricks and building pieces. Divided into sections such as “The Train Station,” “The Airport,” “The Construction Site,” “The Harbor,” or “The Moon Army,” you can learn to build vehicles such as a cruise ship, an Airbus Super Transporter, a Flatbed Hauler or Cement Mixer, Mini Jeeps, or even a Space Shuttle! Each model has a picture of the finished build, a bill of materials listing exactly what pieces, in what quantity and color are needed, and a detailed set of instructions for building. Models are ranked according to difficulty level. Some, like the Freighter, are somewhat complex, but many are very easy – the smaller sailing ship uses only nine pieces! Consonant with the exuberant joy that is a LEGO trademark, this book delivers a fun, whimsical set of colorful blueprints for tiny machines you can use to populate scenes limited only by your imagination.

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Author Mattia Zamboni
Star Count /5
Format Hard
Page Count 208 pages
Publisher No Starch Press
Publish Date 30-Jul-2016
ISBN 9781593277352
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Issue September 2016
Category Crafts & Hobbies


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