Turned On: Science, Sex and Robots

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Newspapers write sensational headlines about them, and people think they are weird and that the people who use them are weird as well. They are sexbots, and with so much misinformation about them it can be difficult to distinguish fact from fiction and what is true and what is hyperbole, but Kate Devlin is here to help us learn more about this misunderstood subculture. As long as there has been science fiction, there has been a fascination with robots that can perform sexual acts. With the advancement of AI and other technologies that are becoming more and more of a reality, Dr. Devlin dives into the world that brought these things to life, so to speak, and explores early stories and myths, that sexbots might have been around in our imagination for a long time. It is a highly fascinating book, that delves into an area that can make some people uncomfortable, whether because we are thinking about what it could mean for the future of humanity or because these things are alive in some shape or fashion. Despite a brief detour in the middle of the book, I found it easily readable and not too technical. A great introduction to the topic.

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Author Kate Devlin
Star Count 4/5
Format Hard
Page Count 288 pages
Publisher Bloomsbury Sigma
Publish Date 2018-12-18
ISBN 9781472950895
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Issue May 2019
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