Welcome to Mars: Making a Home on the Red Planet

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Most people know Buzz Aldrin as one of the few men to have walked on the surface of the moon, but for the last few decades, he has adopted a new role: ambassador to Mars. Aldrin believes we are destined not only walk on Mars, but to build sustainable colonies there.

Welcome to Mars is a perfect introduction for younger readers to why we’re going, what needs to happen before we go, the challenges we will face, and what it will take to be successful. The science is solid and easily understood, and Aldrin never overloads the reader with too much information. Plus the facts never overwhelm the wonder of the project itself, and that’s a crucial detail.

Not only that, but Aldrin and his co-author Dyson have concocted several interesting experiments to drive home aspects of the Mars experience. From understanding the differences in atmospheric conditions and how long a day on Mars is to building their own mini-Martian dome, these experiences bring these lofty concepts back down to Earth in practical, vision fashion.

Welcome to Mars recognizes not only the incredible complexity of the task ahead of us, but how important it is to get young minds invested.

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Author Buzz Aldrin • Marianne Dyson
Star Count 4/5
Format Hard
Page Count 96 pages
Publisher National Geographic Children's Books
Publish Date 2015-Sep-01
ISBN 9781426322068
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Issue December 2015
Category Children's


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