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Jeff Foxlove’s life is drastically changed when he decides to take a vacation and go to the natural paradise of the Yucatan Peninsula to get away from the madness of Madison Avenue, where he cranks out one contemptible ad campaign after another for a firm known for writing obviously bad advertising: Cudmore Agency. Jeff experiences a life-altering incident in the Yucatan Peninsula that seems to have happened in a dream.

When he returns to Madison Avenue, he discovers he has transformed into a werewolf, which leads to his being abused for profit by his employer and enduring deterioration in his health. To feel alive again, Jeff must visit the Yucatan Peninsula once more and find a cure. Werewolf on Madison Avenue by Edward R. Lipinski is a thought-provoking, suspenseful, and darkly comical work that brilliantly illustrates the horrific circumstances surrounding its werewolf protagonist while also exposing the harsh realities of capitalism.

In this fast-paced narrative that keeps you eager to find out the next surprise, there are no pointless, tedious details. Every detail about the setting and characters is given succinctly and plays a significant part in the main narrative. For example, the book offers an impression of the unhealthy, draining, and crude milieu that Jeff finds himself in by shining light on the underlying competition between two antagonistic brothers in the advertising industry.

Edward does an excellent job of blending the realities of the corporate, money-driven world with the dark, wild themes of werewolves and vicious human hunts. The book includes obscene, vulgar characters who will stop at nothing to make money. I also liked that the characters feel very genuine and are vividly depicted, such as the grandmother who forces her visitor to consume “disgusting, homemade” cookies.

Anyone who likes horror literature and werewolf stories will appreciate this book. Its scope, however, is broad, since it includes such themes as acting, advertising, magic, business, nature, love, relationships, friendship, ambition, and more. The author’s tone is unapologetically candid, caustic, and matter of fact, so anticipate some stinging remarks about its shallow characters as well as detailed descriptions of werewolf assaults.

This brilliantly humorous and thoroughly enjoyable horror novel effectively portrays the times we live in—a time when people are progressively waking up and choosing mental wellness over exhausting workaholism. I loved the book’s message about the simplicity of nature and the improved quality of life attained via downsizing and minimalism. Furthermore, I read the book wide-eyed with terror as if held captive by some spell—I just had to finish it! Prepare for your senses to be heightened and your mind to be stimulated with this treasure find!

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Author Edward R. Lipinski
Star Count /5
Format eBook
Page Count 189 pages
Publisher ReadersMagnet LLC
Publish Date 29-Dec-2022
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Issue March 2023
Category Horror