Where Is Home, Daddy Bear?

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Little Evie Bear tells Daddy Bear that she doesn’t want to leave the home she loves and in which she has found comfort. She’s worried about making new friends in an unfamiliar place, and although she doesn’t say it directly, Evie Bear is concerned about losing herself in the midst of it all; she fears that with all the changes, she’ll lose a part of who she is/what defines her. Daddy Bear assures her that she will come to realize that similarities exist in nearly all places. He informs her through his fatherly wisdom that she will also find, among the familiar, a bit of exciting novelty as well.

As they travel together through the city and into the beauty of the wilderness, they engage in an entertaining game of “I Spy” and stop to share some scrumptious blueberry pancakes that resemble ones from their past. The connection Evie Bear makes from this allows her mind to be freed from the anxieties that troubled her. Once she and Daddy Bear reach a campsite and settle down under the brilliance of the stars, he starts to share some of his greatest wisdom yet. He conveys to Evie Bear that home has more to do with the heart than it does with an actual place; it can be present wherever one is. This simple truth stays with Evie Bear and offers her the confidence and consolation she needs to embrace her new surroundings.

This is a heartwarming story about novelty, adjustment, and love. It’s also about the comfort that is passed down from a caring parent to a weary child or offspring in order to make life changes more bearable, and sometimes, even exhilarating and welcome. Children who have moved or endured other life-altering experiences will likely find this story relatable and touching. Those who haven’t may be able to gain helpful insights that will someday be of use to them.

The reading level of the text is somewhere between second and third grade, although Where Is Home, Daddy Bear? is appropriate for a variety of children between the ages of five and nine. It’s an ideal pick for early elementary school classrooms and libraries across the country, and it can be effectively used to introduce young students to the concept of change.

In addition to delivering an important message to her readers, author Nicola O’Byrne has done an amazing job of incorporating unique illustrations into this storybook. She has lavishly filled the pages with detailed pictures that bring the text to life. They are intricate and ablaze with color. They may be what draws the youngest of children to open this story time and time again, searching for what they may have missed the time before and yearning for just one more glimpse!

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Author Nicola O'Byrne
Star Count 4.5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 32 pages
Publisher Flyaway Books
Publish Date 2019-08-06
ISBN 9781947888142
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Issue November 2019
Category Children's


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