With Your Paw in Mine

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Miki the otter always felt safe snuggled close to her mom with their paws holding tight. Miki’s mother taught her to swim, fluffed her fur to make her float, and gently rolled her in seaweed to keep her safe while she went hunting. One day Miki meets Amak, floating in the ocean swaddled in seaweed, and from then on, they are the best of friends. One day the sky turned dark, the clouds rolled in, and a terrible storm rocked the ocean, tearing the otter pups from the safety of the seaweed. Will they remember the lessons their moms taught them to stay safe?

A darling story exploring the special bond between a mother otter and her pup, With Your Paw in Mine highlights the power of taking care of each other. Breathtaking illustrations grace every inch of the large-size picture book, filling the pages with the beautiful blues and greens of the ocean. Jane Chapman takes true otter facts and blends them into adorable pictures and a storyline with heart. A perfect story to be read while snuggled up tight.

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Author Jane Chapman
Star Count 4/5
Format Hard
Page Count 32 pages
Publisher Tiger Tales
Publish Date 2018-Mar-01
ISBN 9781680100846
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Issue May 2018
Category Children's


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