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In Zeroes five teens are bound into an unlikely group called the Zeroes due to unique powers. Ethan, aka Scam, has the ability to know things about a person that he should not realistically know and the power to talk his way out of almost any situation. One day in a fit of anger he breaks the group using the secrets his voice knows about each. When Ethan’s voice lands him in even more hot water with mobsters and police alike he must turn to the Zeroes once again to help rescue him. This leads them all on a whirlwind adventure to rescue Scam, a new Zero and keep their powers hidden from everyone else.

Zeroes is an interesting mix of action and look at what would ordinary teens do if they were given special powers. These teens are by no means superheroes and in fact several are unlikeable who use their powers in very un-hero like manners. Along the way, each grows in unexpected ways though only one character has yet to rise somewhat above the others. Zeroes has a lot of potential but the lack of a stand out character makes this a less than memorable read.

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Author Scott Westerfeld, Margo Lanagan, Deborah Biancotti
Star Count 3/5
Format Hard
Page Count 560 pages
Publisher Simon Pulse
Publish Date 2015-Sep-29
ISBN 9781481443364
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Issue October 2015
Category Young Adult


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